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Lending my Kodak Pixpro 4k Dual Pack 360 camera.

Here's an example 360 photo-sphere taken with this camera: https://goo.gl/maps/XnTGHNcccdT2
Here's an example 360 taken with this camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uED7RXVEg8

Used only a few times(under 10 shoots), in excellent condition. Easily capture, stitch, edit and post 360 photos & videos for Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook and many virtual reality applications. Cameras can be used as a pair to capture full 360x180 degree photo-spherical shots, or as a single ultra wide angle camera which captures a 240 degree field of view. Videos require two app downloads which are free to process and edit.

Contents include:

2x Kodak Pixpro 4K cameras
1x dual camera enclosure
1x single camera enclosure
1x camera bag
2x lens pouch
2x lens cover
3x lens protector
2x lens ring
1x wireless pairing remote control
2x lithium battery
1x USB powered battery charger
1x extendable mini hand-held monopod

If needed, professional training on 360 photo & video capturing, stitching & editing can be provided in person for $75/hour + GST. For more services, visit www.360pros.net

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