Show up on time for item pick up and drop off! The owner of the item has plans for the day, be courteous. If you happen to be running a bit late, please log into your profile and send a quick message (use “Message Lender” functionality). Our system will send both email and text message to the lender. 

When picking up the item make sure to inspect it carefully. You can cancel the transaction at the time of pickup if the item is not as described, you don’t feel comfortable borrowing it or just changed your mind. We recommend having a quick chat with the lender about the best way to operate/use the item in order to uncover tricks or useful shortcuts. This will allow you to make the most out of your transaction.

At the time of pick up, please chat with the lender about the drop off arrangement. Make sure everybody is available at the scheduled time. If the lender is not going to be home, make sure you know exactly where to leave the item (could be in the outside mailbox, on the porch, etc.) If you feel comfortable, exchange cell numbers.

Return the item in better condition than you received it and on time. Chat with the lender at the time of drop off and make sure he/she is satisfied with the condition of the item. If the item is broken, damaged or not cleaned properly, the lender can claim the bond.

If you’d like to keep the item longer than originally agreed upon, you must make a new borrowing request. If the lender accepts your request, you are fine to keep the item longer. However, if for whatever reason the request is declined or you don’t receive a response, you’ll need to return the item at the time you originally agreed on.

The item return time is determined at the moment of the initial borrowing request. When you send the original request, you clearly choose the drop off time at that point. Our system operates and sends out all action reminders based on those pre-determined times. However, we are all human and plans change, so if you agree with the lender on an earlier pick up or a later drop off to better fit everybody’ schedule, that’s totally fine and up to you. This friendly arrangement will not affect the total price of the rental.

Remember to leave feedback for the lender. This benefits the rest of the community, your karma and your online reputation.