UrbanShare™ FAQs

What is UrbanShare™?

Urbanshare.ca is a Vancouver based online marketplace that facilitates safe and easy borrowing and lending within communities across British Columbia. Our growth plans include expanding across Canada in the near future.

Need a ladder? Borrow it from your neighbor. Have a pedal board collecting dust in your closet? Lend it out and make a new friend and a few dollars along the way. By sharing with your neighbors through our platform, you can save money while reducing waste and strengthening your local community in the process.

It gets tougher every year to make ends meet living in Vancouver. With high property prices and cost of living, we constantly get squeezed by mortgages, insurance payments, rents, credit card debts, etc. while incomes seem to remain stagnant. Statistics show that we become the most cash-poor but property rich (if you are lucky) around the age of 40. At UrbanShare™ we are working hard to make things just a touch easier for everybody in the community.

What do I need to use UrbanShare™?

Most importantly – you need the desire to share. After that, you need a smartphone that can send/receive text messages, valid email address, credit card or bank account.

Is it safe to share my stuff on Urbanshare™?

Urbanshare™ is a safe and friendly environment for sharing items in your community. You have complete control over who you lend your stuff to or borrow from. You can refuse to lend or borrow if you don’t feel completely comfortable and cancel transactions as late as pickup time. Through peer ratings and reviews, Urbanshare™ provides members with all the tools they need to share safely and confidently. As part of our service, your stuff is also covered by the UrbanShare™ $1000 Guarantee. See info on the Bond and making a claim below.

What should I add to my inventory?

Whatever you can think of. We recommend that you start off with stuff that you don't use very often such as sporting goods, kitchen equipment, power tools, old video games, camping gear, etc. Once you start using the site more, you'll find that you can get more value out of all the stuff you own including clothing and accessories, musical instruments, household appliances, party supplies, etc.

What is the most efficient way to post multiple items?

First step would be to take pictures of all the items you plan on posting at once using your smartphone, tablet or camera. Take 3-4 pictures of every item from different angles, keep in mind that pictures taken horizontally tend to display better on UrbanShare™ platform (at the moment). You can post the max of 3 pictures on UrbanShare™, upload the best image first. 

If you use desktop or laptop, step two would be to sync your smartphone or camera with the PC and transfer the pictures into a folder on your computer. Emailing pictures to yourself is a decent option, but it will take longer and will involve a couple of extra steps.

Once you have your pictures ready, log into your profile, click “Lend” and follow a simple step by step instruction. When you get to the item description, a good shortcut is to Google the product description for the item you are posting and cut and paste some of the info directly from the product manufacturer’ website. It’ll save you time and will provide more accurate info to the borrower.

What if my Item gets damaged?

Things happen, we get it. That’s why we have our bond in place to give you peace of mind. If your item gets returned damaged and requires repairs or service, you can claim a part or full amount of the bond.

However, we want to make sure everybody understands that claiming bond isn’t a simple cash grab. After all, you are dealing with your neighbors so please be nice to them and think about your feedback rating. Making a bond claim should be done only when absolutely necessary and only for the amount necessary to cover the actual damage or repair.

What is the Bond?

The Bond is meant to repair or replace items that have been damaged beyond normal wear and tear during the borrowing process. The Bond equals 20% of the stated item value and can be claimed either partially or in full if the item is not returned in proper condition (i.e. requires repairs, maintenance of significant cleaning). It is not a cash grab. We monitor abnormally high levels of bond claims on the regular basis. To claim the bond, log into your profile within 3 hours of your item scheduled return, go to “Lent Items” and click on “Claim Bond”. A short form will pop up for you to fill out and then UrbanShare™ rep will contact you. Please note that you have 3 hours after your item scheduled return time to claim bond, after that “Claim Bond” button will be disabled. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities. Please inspect your items carefully upon return by the borrower.

What if my Item is not returned or damaged beyond repair?

We assume that the majority of our customers will never find themselves in this situation, but nobody's perfect, and of course, sometimes things go wrong. If your item is not returned at the agreed time (give it 30 mins or so as we are all guilty of being a bit late sometimes) and you don’t hear anything from the borrower, or the item is returned damaged beyond repair, first thing to do is to log into your account within 3 hours of the item scheduled return time, go to “Lent Items” and click on “Claim Bond”. Report the loss or damage by filling out a claim form, we will then get in touch with you to discuss the replacement. For your peace of mind, all items are covered by UrbanShare™ $1000 Guarantee.

What is UrbanShare™ $1000 Guarantee?

We believe that most people are honest and trustworthy, but in case where something goes wrong, it never hurts to have a backup plan. That is why all your items are automatically covered by UrbanShare™ $1000 Guarantee which is included in our service. Once you chat with UrbanShare™ representative and purchase the replacement item, you will need to send us the copy of the receipt and we will reimburse you for it to the max amount of $1000. For more details, please refer to terms and conditions.

Please note that the amount of guarantee depends on the original stated item value. When you post your item, you will see “Value: $” box, so please fill in fair value amount for your item. If you enter, say, $100 value and your item gets lost, $100 total will be reimbursed.

What if I lose or seriously damage the borrowed item?

Please do your absolute best not to!!! If something unfortunate does happen, we will certainly assume that it was an accident. The bond amount will be claimed by the owner of the item in full to partially compensate for the loss. UrbanShare™ will send you an invoice with a copy of the receipt stating the price of the purchased replacement item. The replacement item can’t be more expensive that the original stated item value.

For example, you borrowed a used ladder from the neighbor and its value was stated at $40. In this scenario, if you lose or severely damage the ladder, you will be responsible to pay the $40 within 30 days. The maximum liability that could be incurred is $1000, which is the highest item value that we recommend lending on UrbanShare™ marketplace. Take good care of the items and then all transactions will be smooth and easy.

N.B.: Our intent at the moment is actually not to invoice you for the loss/severe damage if it’s your first accident. However, it’s difficult for us to predict potential levels of fraudulent activity till we start seeing real data, so we reserve the right to invoice right away if it becomes necessary.

What price do I set?

The price you set is up to you however, general market principles should apply. For example, if you set the price for your dough maker too high - the borrower will most likely prefer somebody else’s item. The idea behind UrbanShare™ is not to make as much money as possible, but rather get a fair return for your underutilized goods while building relationships in your neighborhood. A lower price will allow you to lend more and meet people frequently. As a general guideline, we recommend daily price of 10-15% of the item value. If your used snowboard is worth $200, lend it for about $20 a day.

What if I need to keep the item longer?

As of now, if you’d like to extend the borrowing period, you must make a new request. Depending on item availability, it may or may not be accepted by the lender. If it’s not accepted, you will need to return the item at the agreed time. If the request gets accepted by the lender, you’ll pay the applicable total transaction amount in respect of the new borrowing request.

What if I am running late for item pickup or drop off?

Always do your best to be on time. Time is a valuable commodity for all of us. If you are running late for a few minutes, please log into your account and send a quick update to the lender. Be courteous and keep in mind that your feedback score also depends on your ability to stick to your commitments and arriving on time.

What if I don’t show up at all to pick up the item?

Things happen, and plans change. Just be mature enough to take other people’s interests into consideration. If you change your mind about borrowing the item or have any other good reason not pick it up, please make sure to log into your profile and cancel the transaction. You can do it at any point prior to the agreed pick up time. If you do not cancel the borrowing request and simply not show up at all, your credit card will be charged the full amount.

How much does it cost to use Urbanshare™?

We have no signup fees! We have no hidden fees! You only pay per transaction. Our per-transaction pricing also includes UrbanShare™ $1000 Guarantee. We do our best to keep fees as low as possible. At present we charge $2.50 + 3.0% per transaction. 5% GST will also be applied.


How quickly do I get paid?

We use Stripe for all financial transactions. Once your item is returned by the borrower it takes one week for the funds to show in your account. As long as you enter your bank account info when prompted, funds will be deposited directly into your account. Nice, easy and safe. 

Do I have to declare UrbanShare™ income?

It remains your responsibility to determine what amount to report as taxable income on your income tax return. We encourage you to consult a tax professional if you need advice on reporting your income.