Be honest about your items. Display real pictures and provide true description. If something looks too shabby and doesn’t work properly – don’t post it.

Set reasonable price for your item. Generally, the higher the price – the lower your chances are of attracting a borrower.

Make yourself available as agreed at item pickup time. If your item requires cables, accessories, gas or instructions, be sure to include them or at least make a note of it at pickup time.

State your expectations for the maintenance of your item up front. If your item needs to be cleaned in a certain way before return, be clear about that before lending it. Be reasonable with your expectations: if somebody borrows your trimmer for a small job, it might be too much to expect them to travel to a gas station to refill it.

Be there on time for item drop off! Inspect the item. If the item is broken, damaged or not cleaned properly, you have 3 hours to claim bond. Please be fair and remember that bond is not a cash grab. Once again, be nice and reasonable.

Remember to leave feedback for the borrower. This benefits the rest of the community, your karma and your online reputation. Ultimately, it will improve your ability to lend your items and make money.

UrbanShare™ is going to assume that the item is returned as planned unless we hear otherwise from you. So, if your item gets damaged or you don’t get your item back as scheduled and don’t hear anything from the borrower, please log back into your account and claim bond immediately (from your Lent Items screen). You have 3 hours after the scheduled item return time to claim the bond. In the super unlikely event that your item doesn’t get returned, just remember that we have you covered with the UrbanShare™ $1000 replacement guarantee. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.