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Sleeps 4 adults. I tried it with 3 adults and 1 child, it worked well. Used, but in very good condition. Generous floor, head and vestibule room, combined with rugged fabrics and a wind-stable dome shape. Assembles quickly and very easily. Canopy attaches with clips for lightness, fast set-up. Good air circulation. Perfect for car camping, I won't necessarily recommend carrying it up the mountain on a long hiking trip.
Here is a link to a more detailed Wanderer 4 review if you need more info: http://www.tonydegroot.com/Articles/MEC%20Wanderer.html

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Product Questions

How old is the tent? Is it all set and good to go for a camping trip?
Is it cheaper if I rent from MEC?
Hi Alex,
How much does the tent weigh?